ASA Program


ASA Application 2020 – 21

What makes ASA unique?

Innovative Program: The Advanced Scholars Academy is a program of choice for self-motivated and passionate learners who are seeking rigor, acceleration and high expectations.

Customized Scheduling: Learners will have a schedule that is specifically designed to challenge them at their appropriate level and pace. The program will offer fluidity within and between grade levels in the school.

  • A first grader may go to a second grade classroom for reading instruction on his/her level.
  • A fifth grader may be placed in a group of students who move at an accelerated pace for math.

Student Work: Students will engage in integrated, project based learning that incorporates both 21st Century Skills and Georgia Performance Standards. Authentic intellectual work which promotes inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving will be essential to student success.

Personalized Learning: Students will be allowed to explore individual interests and capitalize on their individual learning styles.

  • A student may be assigned a project on careers but will be allowed to choose his/her area of career interests.
  • After a class study of folktales, a student may choose to create a timeline, a map of the setting, an alternate ending, a poem about the story, or rewrite the story in a modern setting.

Technology: All students will utilize technology as a vital tool to produce a digital portfolio as well as enhance learning, promote collaboration and expand global awareness. Assignments will require students to be proficient in a variety of digital technology, information management skills and media literacy.

Communication: Emphasis will be placed on effective communication, both oral and written, as well as second languages. Students will be expected to showcase their work and will be required to articulate their understanding to a variety of real world audiences.

Character Development: Character Education will be purposeful and deliberate and all individuals will be expected and accountable to conduct themselves with integrity and exceptional behavior. Students will learn etiquette and manners to become respectful and ethical citizens. The entire school will focus on developing the whole child by instilling character using the Chick-Fil-A Core Essentials Character Program and The Essential 55 by Ron Clark.

Community Service Learning: All students and faculty members will be engaged in service learning. Learners will gain an understanding/appreciation of the importance of the role that the individual plays in society as they give back to their community. There will be a continuous flow of the community coming into the school and students going out into the community.

Partnerships: Students, teachers, parents, and the community will work together to create a learning environment with high expectations. Parents are valued members of the learning community. Partnerships will be created with businesses and area institutions of higher learning.

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