Fifth Grade


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5th Grade Expectations


Classroom Rules:

1. Be on time

2. Be responsible for all assignments

3. Show respect to yourself, your classmates, and your teachers

4. Follow directions inside and outside the classroom

Your child will be asked to practice appropriate behavior at all times. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Note: Bullying is considered physical contact, physical threats, or verbal harassment. Also, disrespect to any teacher will not be tolerated. If a 5th grade teacher makes a request of your child, he or she is expected to comply immediately and with appropriate respect.

As a 5th grade student, your child will be changing classes throughout the day. Students will work together according to their strengths and weaknesses. This arrangement should allow for more appropriate instruction and success for all students. To ensure your child is where he or she should be and is following directions, all 5th grade teachers are in charge of discipline.

Homework Policy

Each student will use an agenda book to write down all assignments. Homework assignments will be written on the board each day. Dates of upcoming tests and projects will also be written on the board. It is the student’s responsibility to fill out his or her agenda each day and complete all assignments. Your child’s teacher does not have time to check student agendas so please do not ask your child’s teacher to sign off on his or her agenda.

As part of their homework each night, students are required to read 20 minutes daily. An adult must sign the student’s agenda each night after this assignment and all others are complete. Missing signatures are counted as missing assignments. Incomplete, missing, and/or late assignments are counted together on the homework policy.

Missing Assignments

Missing assignments include:

-incomplete classroom or homework assignments

-assignments not turned in on time

-assignments not completed correctly (ex. wrong page completed, directions not followed, all

steps not complete, etc.)

-missing agenda signature

-not returning parent notifications that require a signature in a timely manner

-consistently unprepared for class (ex. forgetting pen, pencil, paper)

If your student receives a missing assignment, it will be noted in your child’s agenda. It may be necessary to have a parent conference if missing assignments become excessive.

Accelerated Reader Program(ASA students are required to achieve the 120 points per year )

Reading is extremely important for all students. The Accelerated Reader program is a significant part of reading comprehension practice. We have found that children who take part in AR usually do well on the Georgia Milestones testing. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reader program. The library offers incentives for students who reach their goals throughout the year.

IXL Program (ASA students are required to achieve the 80 points per administration)

Math is extremely important for all students. We have found that children who take part in IXL usually do well on standardized testing. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in the IXL program. There will be incentives for students who reach their goals throughout the year.

Field Trip Policy

There will be certain situations that can prevent students from being allowed

to participate in grade level field trips.

*Attendance problems

*Missing assignments

*Inappropriate behavior

Party Policy

Due to the many standards your child must master in order to pass the Georgia Milestones, parties have become an issue. We understand that you want to celebrate your child’s birthday, but due to time constraints we cannot take time away from instruction for a party. We will allow lunch/recess time to be used to share one individually wrapped dessert and drink. All other celebrations are pre-set and time has been made available. Please check the Riverbend School Calendar for these dates and times.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences need to be scheduled prior to your visit so that all teachers can make arrangements to attend.

Honor’s Day in the Gym

Students should stay seated with his/her class during the assembly in the gym.

Parent signature on student assignments may be necessary if your student is not successful. It is student responsibility to make sure graded assignments are brought home each week. If there are any questions about an assignment, please email the teacher.


Accelerated Reader Progress

Partners in Education


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