First Grade

First Grade

Welcome! We will be having so much fun this year in first grade! Please make sure you take the time to check your child’s agenda nightly and read the weekly newsletter in order to stay up to date with current events in your child’s education. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We believe in an open door policy and communication is the key to your child’s success!

  Resources for students: Georgia Performance Standards Launchpoint   

Check out these awesome math songs!

Some songs are from YouTube, so watch with adult permission!

Count by 5’s–lKmOxc8CTqvUbseJuewvtQTXXpGi

Doubles 1 – 5–lKmOxc8CTqvUbseJuewvtQTXXpGi

Doubles 6 – 10–lKmOxc8CTqvUbseJuewvtQTXXpGi

Counting by 10’s–lKmOxc8CTqvUbseJuewvtQTXXpGi&index=3

What makes 10?–lKmOxc8CTqvUbseJuewvtQTXXpGi

Accelerated Reader Progress

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